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Saturday, July 26, 2014

More and More Shrimplets

Crystal Red Shrimplets eating all over the side glass ~~


More Pinto Shrimp

Orange Eye Red Pinto
Orange Eye Red Pinto
Spotted Pinto
I am really excited about how this one would look like when it grows up.
It has so many spot over the head and body.

OEBT, Pinto, Tibee, & Baby Pintos

Baby Red Pinto

Friday, July 25, 2014

White Tibee Shrimp -- Red Color


Snow Whtie Shrimp

Snow white shrimp is a mutation from crystal red shrimp. Unlike gold/white bee shrimp, snow white has prettier and even coloration. A tank with just snow white would be really unique and pretty.


 You can compare the difference between them:

Cardinal Tetra with Golden Back

Cardinal Tetra is one of my favorite fish for planted aquarium. I have got thousand of cardinal tetras. They all look the same with brilliant bright color. And this is the only one I notice it's different.

Like other cardinal tetra, it has brigh blue color and red belly. But on it's back, it's bright golden color, and the head's silver color. Could this be a mutation or a new species???

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fancy Tibee Shrimp Photo Sharing

Jade Bienvenu is among the very first purchaser of my Tibee shrimp. Recently, he shared with me his amazing beautiful tibee shrimps he got from me about 5 month ago. I have to say and thank him, that he did a great job in keep those tibee shrimps to their full potential beauty, especially this blue female. It looks very much like a orange eye blue tiger, plus striking bright white band, making it really outstanding. The red one and black one are also very beautiful. And they grow to bigger size than crystal red shrimps, better standing out in your aquarium.

And here are his tank parameters:

pH 6.0
kH 0
gH 4
TDS 115-125
"The colors changed the more acidic and soft the water is. The logic to me is maybe stress but they are breeding so maybe not. I had them in 7.2 kh3 gh8 and tds 200, they were clearish gold and tiger striped. When transfer to bee tank to breed with Taiwan's, they turn blue. Also, blue is deepest and brightest in the morning." Quote From Jade.

Tibee shrimps are a lot of fun to play with. Because of cross breeding, there are much more new combination of genetic pattern.

Thank you for sharing Jade!!