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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tibee Shrimp

Tibee Shrimp =
Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp x Taiwan Bee Mischillings Crystal Red/Black Shrimp

Recessive gene traits:
  • From OEBT: Orange eye, blue color;
  • From Taiwan Bee Mischilling: Red Color, White Color, King Kong Gene.
The 1st generation, all the recessive gene won't appear, here we got:
The F1 tiger bee shrimp are clear, with black stripe, no recessive gene traits. AND those guys can grow huge :]. Check out the photos:

The Amano shrimps around the tiger bee shrimps are size around 1.5'' - 1.75''. And that's a female tiger bee shrimps. Will it cross breed with Amano shrimps???

There are two challenge here about F1s.
1. They can grow to a very good size, so it takes time, takes to mature, and breed;
2. Berried Tiger shrimps are easily fanning and dropping eggs.

Anyway, after a longer time than I expected, we are now on F2s.
There are A Lot A Lot of trait combination showing among F2s. Some tibees are with orange eye, blue color. And I have red tibee from F2 as well. White color starts to fill up the clear part. Black Tibee, Red Tibee, White Tibee, Unknowns, and I do get a few pintos from my F2.
(Pintos are too small to shown nice in my camera, will post some picture after they grow bigger. Looking forward seeing how they look after growing up :))))
Black Tibee Shrimp
Red Tibee Shrimp
White Tibee Shrimp

Black Tibee Shrimp over Shirakura Ebidama

New picturess added April 5th, 2014
Pinto (F2)
The photo is not clear, it's blue or royal blue color, with spider legs (blue and white).

Red Pinto (F3)

Red Pinto (F3)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

My "NO.1 Tank" 第一水槽 Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp

This is my "No.1 Tank" in breeding Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp. In Chinese/Japanese, it's called 第一水槽. As you can see from the picture, it's very simple set up:
  • 10 Gallon Aquarium
  • Sponge Filter
  • Flora Base Substrate
  • Double bulb T5 Light
It's a simple set up, but the system in the this tank is very healthy, strong and steady. The algae growing in the tank is all green, and it's been consistent.

When you breed high grade crystal red shrimps, you want to have at least 2 tanks that you can do selective breeding. You can find from my old post, I talked about Selective Breeding -- Nakajima Breeding Technique. Here I am going to introduce another way of selective breeding.

This is my No.1 Tank, I also have a No.2 Tank, for my Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimps. No.1 tank would house my top top quality Pure Line Shrimps. I selected out and started with some Most beautiful Males and Females. They live and breed in the tank, and F1, Or F2s will also live and grow up in the tank. As the F1 growing bigger, every morning, I turn on the light, I will spend at least 10 minutes checking individual shrimps. Anyone that's not meeting my expectation will be moving to the No.2 Tank. This is the most simple way to select out the most beautiful shrimps. Light off, then lights on, shrimps stay the same solid beautiful color are keepers. It's always the best shrimps living in my No.1 Tank. It's a ongoing selective breeding process, and the new generations will be nicer and nicer.




Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp

Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp From the same tank as shown in picture, now available.
Contact me if interested.