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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tibee Shrimp

Tibee Shrimp =
Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp x Taiwan Bee Mischillings Crystal Red/Black Shrimp

Recessive gene traits:
  • From OEBT: Orange eye, blue color;
  • From Taiwan Bee Mischilling: Red Color, White Color, King Kong Gene.
The 1st generation, all the recessive gene won't appear, here we got:
The F1 tiger bee shrimp are clear, with black stripe, no recessive gene traits. AND those guys can grow huge :]. Check out the photos:

The Amano shrimps around the tiger bee shrimps are size around 1.5'' - 1.75''. And that's a female tiger bee shrimps. Will it cross breed with Amano shrimps???

There are two challenge here about F1s.
1. They can grow to a very good size, so it takes time, takes to mature, and breed;
2. Berried Tiger shrimps are easily fanning and dropping eggs.

Anyway, after a longer time than I expected, we are now on F2s.
There are A Lot A Lot of trait combination showing among F2s. Some tibees are with orange eye, blue color. And I have red tibee from F2 as well. White color starts to fill up the clear part. Black Tibee, Red Tibee, White Tibee, Unknowns, and I do get a few pintos from my F2.
(Pintos are too small to shown nice in my camera, will post some picture after they grow bigger. Looking forward seeing how they look after growing up :))))
Black Tibee Shrimp
Red Tibee Shrimp
White Tibee Shrimp

Black Tibee Shrimp over Shirakura Ebidama

New picturess added April 5th, 2014
Pinto (F2)
The photo is not clear, it's blue or royal blue color, with spider legs (blue and white).

Red Pinto (F3)

Red Pinto (F3)



T-kraze said...

Hello, nice blog Yoyo
I really apreciate the diy shrimp hatching section

I'm new to this hobby
This year i'm planning to get 3 tanks
1st tank for random shrimp, already fill it with neo to taiwan bee, with parameter Ph 6,8 and gh 4.5-6

2nd tank still empty, no shrimp, cause nitrate reach 25 ppm, start to use floating plant hope it help reduce the nitrate

3rd tank i will try using 3 sponge filter, without canister
Maybe 2 month from now

There is some question, maybe you could help me decide it
I want to use 2nd tank
And 3rd tank later (start after 2nd tank F2)
With selective breeding

There is so much choice i could choose for 2nd tank
Like blue tiger orange eye (with stripe)
Black tiger orange eye (solid)
Miscling red bee and blackbee and tiger bee
Taiwan bee
Prl from cheapest very low, low lvl, entry and medium line

The problem is i don't know which shrimp i need to choose
1. When i want to choose taiwan bee, miscling and tiger bee
I need to face the fact that the F2-F4 would be random
And the shrimp harder to keep and breed
Is it true? Should i avoid this shrimp and choose prl instead?

2. When i choose prl, i could afford between low, entry and medium line (limited budget)
The problem with this choice is, i don't know which line to start and want to know is there any possibility to get high lvl line using selective breeding

Still think which one to choose, need some advice



yoyo said...

I visit my own blog pretty often. I don't know how I missed such a long comment. :)

Here are your choices:
Orange Eye Blue Tiger shrimp/ Orange Eye Black Tiger;
Taiwan bee shrimp/Taiwan bee mischillings;
Tibee Shrimp;
Pure Line Shrimp.

Which one to go, it really depends on yourself and what you have.

My suggestion is if you have limit tanks and space, PRL are easier for you to start.From Pure Line offspring you can expect individuals with exceptional beautiful presentation easier. My lines are ebiten, crimson, benabachi. If you follow my blog, you know what I got.

Orange Eye tiger shrimp/Orange Eye black tiger shrimp are also very popular shrimps, good choice when you don't have much space.

Taiwan bees & mischillings: Taiwan bee shrimps are the most challenge one among all those shrimps. Start with mischillings would be easier for you.

Tibee shrimp is very new here. You can also expect pinto shrimps from their offspring. Pinto, unlike Taiwan bee shrimps, are easier to keep. The advantage is that if you start with tibee shrimps earlier, you will be ahead of most shrimps keepers.

Let me know any further question.

Isabelle Gagnon said...

Why, on F1, your female are easily dropping eggs?

yoyo zl said...

I am not sure about the reason. But it did take a while for me to get to F2.

Tim Ellis said...

What can one expect to see from the f2 breeding together? How did you achieve F2? Cross f1 back to parent?

Yoyo said...

black tibee shrimp, red tibee shrimps. depending on what kind of shrimps you use to cross breeding. If you use taiwan bee shrimp or TB mischilling cross with OEBT, you may also get pinto shrimps.
I don't cross F1 Back with parents. F1 with F1.

Herroo Okay said...

Hey may i know whats ur pinto shrimp and prl water parameters :D?

yoyo zl said...

temperature about 72
ph about 6.5
gH 4-5
kH 0-1
Tds 120-150

Kenneth Weaver said...

Hello there!
I am about to receive some red belly pinto Taiwan bee shrimp from an importer friend of mine. I am going to start with 13. I was wondering what your opinion on breeding some of them with wild type tiger shrimp would be. I am not sure if it would be a good genetic line to add in at any point. The tigers I have access to are clear with dark brown or black stripes. I believe they are F1. Any ideas what I might expect if I mixed them? If it is a terrible idea , I would be interested in knowing what other shrimp would be best suited to breed with them. I have access to a good number of shrimp from Taiwan. RKK , BKK Panda, Black Belly Pinto, pretty much any type that is available.