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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pure Red Line Update: young ones growing big and beautiful

Those are young ones PRL growing beautifully. They are enjoy shirakura ebidama shrimp food.

Crystal red shrimps are pretty picky when eating. I have several different food on hands, and switching between. My shrimps favorite is shirakura ebidama/ebidama specia. This is their main food. And I also feed them hikari shrimp cuisine, and a new food I recently introduced in, glasgarten shrimp dinner. Sometimes, fish food hikari algae wafer is acceptable, too. :)

Another benefit from a variety food sources is a more balance diet. Different brands have different formula. A more balance diet will keep your shrimp healthier and happier. 

Update on Tibee Shrimp: A Weird Tibee?? New Tank for Tibee/Pinto

This is a very unique tibee shrimp I got from my cross breeding.Pretty cool looking! Pretty or Weird?

She is the only one. It's not like a crystal red/black shrimp, neither a tiger shrimps. The body is clear, with light blue green tint, head with orange tint. She's now berried, mate with other normal looking tibee shrimps. I am really looking forward to her babies. And I think I spot more small tibee shrimps look like her, but not sure until they get much bigger. 

And this is a new tank for my tibee/pinto shrimps. The tank is filled up with algae: glass, gravel, driftwood :)
I will take more pictures of what's going on with this tank, after I clean the glass. 

I really like this one, it gets really cool tiger pattern. Both black and white color are solid.
Plus it's leg is mostly filled up with black color.