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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fancy Tibee Shrimp Update

This tibee has very nice and solid white color and black color. It has no stripe, instead, a no entry sign like crystal black shrimp. The head pattern is very unique and symmetric on both side. What surprises me is that the white color of this shrimps is very solid, and on it's head, you can clearly see blue tint on white color, also on it's body. It's same blue color like blue bolt shrimp.  WOW.

And this one. Beautiful red tibee shrimps + Orange EYE 

Another nice and solid red tibee shrimps.

I can't believe they can grow in such a big and nice size. Way much better size compare to crystal red shrimp or OEBT.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

No. 1 Tank Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp Update June 14, 2014

Sponge Filter:
I added in 2 big sponge filters to my big 4 feet pure line crystal red shrimps tank. They are so happy and love the extra bubbles, and oxygen.

For plants, I added in 2 pieces of moss mat. I am still not sure what type of moss it is. Help me identify it after it grows and spreads.

Big Papa and teens sharing food. So sweet!

Teens only.
I choose to go with something simple, a spider wood. I have soak it in another matured tank for about a week, and there are white bacteria film on the wood, and shrimps enjoy the treat a lot :)

Shrimps all over drift wood.
Crystal red shrimps red and white color really make everything, every scene look beautiful.

Young Mama is playing with a "snow ball"  ^.^

A Red Sox Mama

Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to crossbreeding Tibee Shrimp

A lot of people ask me how to crossbreeding to get Tibee Shrimps.

That's great that people have different ideas and thoughts. Here is my personal experience.

Reasons I chose to go with Orange Eye Blue Tiger and Taiwan Bee Mischillings:

Top 1: Pinto Shrimps are my top goal in crossbreeding tibee shrimp.

You need to have mischillings or Taiwan bee shrimps in crossbreeding to have pintos from offsprings. If without Taiwan bee shrimps gene, you would never get pinto shrimps from offsprings. To be clear, Taiwan Bee Shrimps refers to Black King Kong Shrimp, Panda Shrimps, Shallow Panda, Wine Red, and Red King Kong Shrimps.
If you want to get pintos faster:
OEBT x Wine Red, you get red pinto from F2 or later generation
OEBT x Black King Kong, you get blue or other dark color pintos from F2 or later generation
When you choose Taiwan Bee Shrimps, you want to choose the most healthy and with strong breeding capacity Taiwan Bee Shrimps.
2: Orange Eye and Unique Blue Color From OEBT
OEBT has been popular for long for it's unique blue color and orange eye. I want to keep those gene to my tibee shrimps, and my pintos.
When you choose a tiger shrimp and a kind of bee shrimps, yes the hybrid offsprings are called tibee shrimps. You want to set a goal what kind of tibee shrimps you want.
The recessive gene in my choices are:
White Color
Red Color
Orange Eye
Taiwan Bee Shrimp Gene
You won't get those from F1, these character will show on F2 or later generation.
And there are too many pattern and coloration from my F1s. I did selective breedings, and you can see my black tibees (F2/F3) show nice pattern and coloration. Offsprings from those black tibees could be black tibee, red tibee, and possible pintos. I have a few red pintos from my F2 black tibees.
Here are new picture of my red pinto, it's growing big now :)