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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three Mutations of Crystal Red Shrimp

Isn't it amazing that same species of shrimp could have so many mutations.

This is a great picture that captures all of them:
Red King Kong;
Black King Kong;
Gold Shrimp;

This gold shrimp tends to be white color, which is really pretty. If every spot of its body, from top to toe, could be filled with solid and bright white color, it would have be the dreaming Snow White. Well, we do not know when we could have it. It really takes time.

Snapshop of My New Tank

-- for kingkong shrimps

This is a big tank, about 30 gallon. we made it ourselves.
There are only a few pieces of shrimps in this tank, and they like hiding behind or under driftwood.
The substrate system we used for this tank is different from others, as you can see. This is ADA-Africana, plus a little bit ADA-Amozonia 1 on the bottom. ADA-Africana has stronger ability to lower pH. Therefor, this tank's pH is lower than others.
My filter system is easy: a Eheim classic canister + a Bio-wheel power filter.
Jager is always my favorite heater.
One more thing, we use a half-pint container and half teaball net to help prevent baby shrimps being sunking away.