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Saturday, March 29, 2014

My "NO.1 Tank" 第一水槽 Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp

This is my "No.1 Tank" in breeding Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp. In Chinese/Japanese, it's called 第一水槽. As you can see from the picture, it's very simple set up:
  • 10 Gallon Aquarium
  • Sponge Filter
  • Flora Base Substrate
  • Double bulb T5 Light
It's a simple set up, but the system in the this tank is very healthy, strong and steady. The algae growing in the tank is all green, and it's been consistent.

When you breed high grade crystal red shrimps, you want to have at least 2 tanks that you can do selective breeding. You can find from my old post, I talked about Selective Breeding -- Nakajima Breeding Technique. Here I am going to introduce another way of selective breeding.

This is my No.1 Tank, I also have a No.2 Tank, for my Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimps. No.1 tank would house my top top quality Pure Line Shrimps. I selected out and started with some Most beautiful Males and Females. They live and breed in the tank, and F1, Or F2s will also live and grow up in the tank. As the F1 growing bigger, every morning, I turn on the light, I will spend at least 10 minutes checking individual shrimps. Anyone that's not meeting my expectation will be moving to the No.2 Tank. This is the most simple way to select out the most beautiful shrimps. Light off, then lights on, shrimps stay the same solid beautiful color are keepers. It's always the best shrimps living in my No.1 Tank. It's a ongoing selective breeding process, and the new generations will be nicer and nicer.





ShrimpFAN said...

You mention that the substrate is a flora based, can you clarify what type or maybe the name of the substrate. Alternatives to expensive ADA AS would be great!

yoyo said...

I don't think FLora Base is going to much cheap. All soil type gravel are expensive. And comparing ADA and Flora Base, ADA is richer in nutrient supply.

yoyo said...

Oh, it's by Red Sea, a German brand.

ShrimpFAN said...

Thanks for the information. For some reason, I assumed the flora base substrate would be much cheaper. If the costs are relative, I'll just stick to ADA AS and grow plants along with shrimps.


yoyo said...

Comparing Amazonia soil and flora base, Amazonia are much more richer in nutrients. I have use all of those, flora base, Amazonia, and fluval stratum. When you use Amazonia or fluval stratum, make sure you did a 100% water change before you put in shrimps.