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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red Sea --- Painted Fire Red Shrimp

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY --- Shrimp Egg Hatching

Losing shrimps is a tragedy
Losing a berried one is more than a tragedy
But there is still something you can do to save some lives  \( ̄︶ ̄)> 
Do it yourself egg hatching:
What you need: air pump, air line, air stone, sucker, fine tea ball (make sure that the gap is small enough so eggs will slip out), and a cylinder tube that fits the tea ball. Set it up as shown in the photo.
Eggs in no danger of being consumed. 
Fresh water keeps flowing from bottom. Eggs keep moving around and up & down,, so won't be stuck in the gap.

In breeding ~~
Slim cylinder making sure that water flow concentrated. 

A strong flow is recommended

Egg extraction from the female should be done as soon as possible after female dies, making sure that eggs are fresh. You can move the dead female to a dish container with water from same tank, for easy handling. The female carcass must be separated from the eggs. Each egg should stand individually.

Don't use bare hand to touch eggs. I use tooth pick and a tweezers for this little "surgery operation". Tweezers grips the female, and tooth pick separates eggs. Be gentle, not to squish the egg,,  neither rip the female apart. 

Well, you should always be patient and gentle during surgery, but timing is sensitive too!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Rili Shrimps --- cherry shrimp species ( recessive trait )
Scientific name: Neocaridina heteropoda var. Rili
Origin: Taiwan
Size: male/female 0.8 inch/1 inch
Water Temperature: 64 - 82 'F
pH: 6.5 - 7.5
Difficulty: Easy

Rili Ball

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Difference Between White Worm and Mosura

Many people are confused with white worms and Mosura.

White worm has the character of whole white body, maybe a little red dot on the body or one close to tail. Even white worm has different level, depending on its color solidity from top to tail and head pattern.

Mosura is specialty from white worm. It requires not only a whole white body, also the head has special patterns,, like crown, or flower.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rili Shrimp on Lace Java

Rili is a new specie,, but quite popular though.

When I first introduced it in U.S., it's gone fast ~!~

So we contact Taiwan exporter again...  They said, a lot of shrimp lovers are looking for rili now,, even in Taiwan, the birth place of rili, are short of it..

We are quite lucky that could still get some from Taiwan. ^_^

Little guys,, ready to go for you new homes!!



And Ready to ship:

Sorry poor little guys,, after long travel over half the world,, I have to send you to flight again..

I hate flying, too. Hope I could have commercial flight... $$$$

The Last Stage of The Journal

April Import, 2011

April 5th, 2011

Unlike last time, we don't have to leave for New York early in the morning, because we hire the custom broker to help us process all necessary document. It costs money, but saves us whole more efforts and times.

Still exciting and nervous......

mind won't settle down, util we have those packages, until my buyers got their orders.....

lots of pressure,, and long drive -"-

It's about two o'clock when we arrived. Our agent told us that we could take our time to have some lunch, they still need to process something. So we did.

When it's three o'clock, it's still not ready. The airline company gave us a call, and told us that they're waiting for custom and fish & wildlife to come for the inspection. That's totally not a good news. They have no idea when they would come, and how long it would take????

We really worried about it, not because the possibility of retain, but the way they handled it. They may hurt shrimps and cause death, if they couldn't handle it and repack it properly. And hopefully, it wouldn't take long, so we could have the order today.

Cross the finger.....

And we were waiting right outside the airline cargo....

Till 6 o'clock... we got call... and it's ready...

Very lucky,, no death after we check the package. well, there're less shrimps than last time.. more water.. more space...

Thanks God... The first stage's done...Let's go home!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Import Afterword

I arranged an group import during Mid-March. Most people thought that whole sale price was a great deal, and would like to place a second order from me. I adjusted all prices after import's done. People may feel confused why there's difference between prices. Here, I would like to make things clarify.

Shrimps I imported abroad came from two different places: farm raised, and tank raised.

In Taiwan, most low unit price shrimps, such as Fire Red Shrimp, are farm raised. Even it is low unit price, they wouldn't give you whole sale price unless you have order over 3000 pieces. So the total order cost is still relatively high. And this kind of farm raised shrimps need longer time to get used to tank environment. Relatively, death rate is higher comparing to tank raised shrimps. I have kept those shrimps for a while. And they are in much more stable condition, and have get used to tank environment. So, the price of those shrimps now are higher, because of less death risk.

Crystal red shrimps, can't be farm raised. Tank raising cost are high, thus the price of such kind of shrimps are high. In order to attract people to joint this group import, I have smaller profit margin of such kind of shrimp.

People may thought that the new prices on auction site is much higher than previous whole sale prices.

One big reason is that they have been here for a while, and get used to the tank environment here, and less death rate.

This group import, I treat it as a little "payback" to shrimp lovers. Well,,, instead of making money, I have lost. I have more expenditure than I predicted.

I had a lot of death, on the way from Taiwan to my hand, and my hand to those buyers. But, Taiwan exporter is not responsible for anything happen after order shipped out. But I have live arrival guarantee to buyers. I understand, how you would feel if you expect shrimps arrival, but there's DOA. So I'd rather bear all risks. During the import period, there's great pressure, actually. It does not include lots things and documents done, complex custom clearance, times and efforts I spend ...

One great thing about that import is Black King Kong, Panda, and Red Wine shrimp. Many people could not get BKK/RW last time expect me to import again. So I have a second import now. And I really appreciate that you could understand the price change. After this import, I don't think there will be another one shortly. For people who are short of fund, or still need more time,, don't worry about that,, follow my blog, and keep my email in mind. Contact me in the future when you are ready.

Finally, I hope everyone could keep the passion for crystal red shrimps, and all other different kind of fresh water shrimps. And more and more people could join the shrimp trend here in United State.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rili Shrimp ~~~ "ugly ducking into a swan transform"

juvenile Rilis

Adult Rilis
The beauty of Rili lies in the ratio of clear body color to its head and tail red color. It is said that 1:1 is the perfect ratio. The clearity of body color will increase as Rili grows up. The growth rate of Rili is faster than Crystal Red Shrimp in general. So here she is. Isn't it like a ugly ducking into a swan transform?? 
Matured female rili is really cute, clear body with yellowish overy. When it is berrid, eggs are either yellow or green. They release a lot a lot of eggs.