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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rili Shrimp ~~~ "ugly ducking into a swan transform"

juvenile Rilis

Adult Rilis
The beauty of Rili lies in the ratio of clear body color to its head and tail red color. It is said that 1:1 is the perfect ratio. The clearity of body color will increase as Rili grows up. The growth rate of Rili is faster than Crystal Red Shrimp in general. So here she is. Isn't it like a ugly ducking into a swan transform?? 
Matured female rili is really cute, clear body with yellowish overy. When it is berrid, eggs are either yellow or green. They release a lot a lot of eggs.


jeerin said...


Im interested in rili shrimps! Would you let me know where can i get them or could you sell me some of your juvenile shrimps? Thank you =)

yoyo said...

It is been a while, that I saw this commont...@@?? Well, I am in United State, where is your location? still interested on Rili Shrimp? I have selling posts on Thanks, Yoyo:)

LF said...


I have recently come across the existence of the 'rili' shrimp. From what I had first read, people were saying it's a mutation of cherry shrimp. From what you have bred, is it a mutation of the crystal red instead?


yoyo said...

Nope. Rili shrimp is among cherry. Just like fire red, yellow shrimp,, they are all from cherry. And the rili have different collors, as I know so far there are red rili, blue rili, and yellow rili.

FallenIllusions said...

Do you still sell rilis? How much would they cost?

yoyo said...

Yes I do. You shall be able to find post on