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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Intoduction: Crystal Red Shrimp

My favorite fresh water shrimp: Crystal Red Shrimp:

Crystal red shrimp ( Scientific name Caridina ) is a breed variant of the fresh water shrimp. Normal shrimp can be found in Southern China or South East Asia. In 1991, Mr. Hisayasu Suzuki, a Japanese, started breeding normal bee shrimps which are with black stripes. He found a single red shrimp. The first shrimp died but after three generations, he discovered 3 red bee shrimps. So after many cycles of selective breeding from redder offspring, he finally get the true red bee.

Curently, crystal red shrimp is the most favorite freshwater aquarium shrimp. It is unique and distinctive red and white color is unlike any other freshwater shrimps.

My partner and I purchased them from CA. We began with 15 pieces, but now, we have several hundreds of them. Hehe,, really proud of those amazing creatures..

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