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Monday, March 21, 2011

BEBI --- specially designed for new born and juvenile shrimps

Weight: 70g
Price: $21.99
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Borne Wild BEBI Ebi Bacter
Great food source for new born and juvenile shrimps, also works for adult shrimps. It enhances the digestive system by activating the intestinal bacterial flora. and also helps to maintain or expedite the maturation of water by breaking down organic waste as well as support growth of beneficial bacterial.

To feed, mix Bebi with water and dose directly into the tank. Feed 1 spoon per 200L water or 1 bottle per 3ft aquarium as substrate addictive.

Rice bran, Yeast, Enzyme, Actinomycetes, Lactic acid bacterium.


Aki said...

Do you send your animals and your feed also to Germany?

yoyo said...

Hi, shrimp food is not a problem. But live shrimps, I won't be responsible for any death or risk. Thanks, Yoyo

Admin666 said...

hello. i new wirh crystal. can you tell me what ph,kh/gh do you have to mantain this species? because ia had crystal black, cystal red, tiger bee and bumble bee. and they all died:( and a dont know why..

thank you

yoyo said...

if you check out:

there are some numbers:
Temp: 24°C ± 2
pH: 6.5 ± 1
gH: 4 ~ 6 dH

kH: < 1 dH
NO3: < 10 ppm
TDS: 160 ~ 180 ppm

But there could be many other reasons causing death, even with perfect parameter. Hmmm.

Kerstin Fleischman said...

Hi :)

Just found this Blog here and I looooove the picture of the blue Tiger *.* I have never seen blue Tigers before and I think I'm in love :) Well, I found you on aquabid too and there is a great chance I'll order from you, as soon as my second tank has cycled long enough.