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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Red Tibee Shrimp --- Must see!

Red Tibee Shrimp:

red white tibee


JJ Frog said...

Thank you for your blog.
I have few questions.
How did you make red tibee?
I like to make red tibee.
If i mix with crs + tiger = black stripe,red&white tibee?
If use crs + red tiger = like your red tibee?j
And which female is better result?
Female crs + tiger?
Female tiger + male crs?
Maybe like you did with mischling and them. Its not easy answer.
But with your knowledge.
Could you give me some info?.
Thank you

yoyo said...

When you cross breeding crs with tiger shrimps, all the recessive gene will disappear on F1. Recessive gene starts to show on F2 or later generations.
What I did on crossbreeding, I mixed taiwan bee mischilling and orange eye blue tiger shrimps. The purpose of using mischilling and OEBT is I want to get pinto shrimps.

JJ Frog said...

Thank you for info.
Good luck with pinto

Sundays Wong said...

Hi Yoyo,
I want to create my own red pinto too....
You said you cross Taiwan Bee Mischlings to Orange Eye Blue Tiger.
My first question what is a Taiwan Bee Mischling? What do you cross to make this type of shrimps?
My second question is when you cross Taiwan Bee Mischling to OEBT, will a portion of the F1 will show the recessive gene (I meant red color)
My third question is what is the way to reate a red pinto like in your photos?
Thank you!

yoyo zl said...

Taiwan bee mischilling is crystal red or crystal black shrimp with Taiwan bee shrimps gene. Taiwan bee shrimps are black king kong shrimp, panda shrimp, or wine red shrimps.

Red color is recessive gene. It won't show on F1. F2 or later generation will give you red tibees.

The fastest way to get red pinto shrimps, is to buy red pintos and breed them :)

Well, if cross breeding, the fastest way is get a healthy and with strong breeding capacity wine red shrimp to cross breed with tiger shrimps. And you may get red pinto from F2 or later generations.

My red pintos are F3. They are from my F2 black tibee shrimps.

Wong kim hoong said...

This Is Amazing!..Thx For Sharing!

DarkMagician said...

Any idea what will happen if we mix black pinto with pure red line?

ESL said...

Hi yoyo,
How can I maintain the phenotype of red tibee. Should I crossbreed between them, or I have to crossbreed with CRS or tiger? Regards.