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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Red Eye Red King Kong

Amazing~~~ This king kong is as red as !!RED DIAMOND!!

From top to toe


Mo said...

Is the yellow line at the King Kong's tail, its poop? It's interesting to see this yellow colour as my CRS have black poop. You feed them carrots?

yoyo said...

Nope, i feed them shirakura and hikari, sometimes some spanich. This tank is rich of algea,, it could be the reason why the poop's color is different.

yoyo said...

I think the main reason of yellow poop is the substrate. If you use ADA amazonia, the poop would more likely to be black color. This shrimp tank is set up with Flora Base, which is brown color. Shrimps love to dig around and search for food. Great chance that they will eat some soil.