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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY --- Shrimp Egg Hatching

Losing shrimps is a tragedy
Losing a berried one is more than a tragedy
But there is still something you can do to save some lives  \( ̄︶ ̄)> 
Do it yourself egg hatching:
What you need: air pump, air line, air stone, sucker, fine tea ball (make sure that the gap is small enough so eggs will slip out), and a cylinder tube that fits the tea ball. Set it up as shown in the photo.
Eggs in no danger of being consumed. 
Fresh water keeps flowing from bottom. Eggs keep moving around and up & down,, so won't be stuck in the gap.

In breeding ~~
Slim cylinder making sure that water flow concentrated. 

A strong flow is recommended

Egg extraction from the female should be done as soon as possible after female dies, making sure that eggs are fresh. You can move the dead female to a dish container with water from same tank, for easy handling. The female carcass must be separated from the eggs. Each egg should stand individually.

Don't use bare hand to touch eggs. I use tooth pick and a tweezers for this little "surgery operation". Tweezers grips the female, and tooth pick separates eggs. Be gentle, not to squish the egg,,  neither rip the female apart. 

Well, you should always be patient and gentle during surgery, but timing is sensitive too!!

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