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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crystal Red Shrimp Hatching Days Calculation

Here is an interesting website from Japan.
It can calculate hatching days depending on the temperature of the tank. 

Hatching Days Calculation:

The formula is: 
Hatching Days ≈ 63 - (Water Temp in Celsius X 1.6)

After you get into this website, you will see two blanks.
Fill in the first blank your tank water temperature (in Celsius), and click the bottom next to it.
You will get the days in the second blank.

This is also a link from the same website:

It has very nice crystal red shrimp photos from 2004. It is hard to imagine how fast the CRS has changed. The very first CRS are mostly in red, almost fire red color. At that time, they are amazingly beautiful already. Now, it is very hard to see such kind of CRS any more.

Very original CRS
from aquatailors official site

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