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Saturday, March 27, 2010

CRS && Straw Pellets

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The concept of using an organic carbon source to reduce nutrients is not new to the hobby. Straw pellet has good resource of carbon. Recently, hobby in Taiwan starts to use Straw Pellet to help reduce excess nutrients, like NO3 in Crystal Red Shrimp tank. It works well, and the pellets are eatable.

"I smell something delicious~~"


"Never have this before, so yummy!!" ^-^

A good thing for your tank,, and it feeds your shrimps as well. Why not give it a shot?

(PS: The tank shown in the picture is my No-Substrate-System Tank. It is working well so far.)


Donny said...

Interesting. Where did you get the straw pellets from? Is there a generic name to them?


Kelsey Benson said...

I sell these as well as spirulina tablets, great for shrimp to eat & both have awesome tank benefits! I also sell mineral balls for older tanks that might have lost nutrients or just to stabilize pH&GH oh tanks, they can be used in tank or in filters!! Contact me via Email