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Monday, June 22, 2015

Algae Klebsormidium Sp.

Algae Klebsormidium Sp is growing in this newly set up tank.

Filter: Sponge Filter
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
Mineral: Mironekuton Old Sea Mud Mineral Stone
Shrimp: Fancy Black Tibee Shrimp

When I took the photos, those black tibee shrimps were just introduced into their new home, and they love it. Everyone was sitting quietly in one place and enjoying the delicious nature food.

Those sponge like algae is Klebsormidium Sp.  Well they don't look pretty, but this is great gift for shrimps.
  • It helps maintain a better water quality
  • Natural food source for shrimp, and keep your shrimps healthy :)
  • It also support microorganism growing

The 1st photo was taken Saturday June 20th, 2nd June 23rd. Shrimps have ate lots of algae :)


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Kory Smith said...

How do I go about creating Algae Klebsormidium Sp. in my shrimp tanks?