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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Heroine Mum

She is my heroine mother.

Human beings lives could be really fancy and differentiated. How about the life of a shrimp? in a 10 gallon tank?

This gene shrimp mother' life story is a legend. She travelled half the world from Taiwan to United State, during 2009's autumn. When she just moved here, she's about 3 month old. How many year she has lived?? Actually, she is really old now, from the perspective of shrimp's life span. But she is the toughest and strongest one. I have got 20 gene shrimps,, but only two females left,,, now only she left... and can't imagine how many times she has survived from unpredicted environmental change... and she continues to give birth... until now...

When I only have gene shrimps,,, she is the top unusual one. She was the only one that have baby of a black king kong and a panda..(refer to post

Now,, the result of true king kong blood line and a gene shrimp: dark dark black color eggs.. full loaded... only the one that close to tail isn't. We have been expecting such a moment for long long time. First time we see it in person,, that's our shrimp,,, we're shocked and moved, by this heroine mother!!

She is the best! Hope this batch could hatch successfully,, and shrimp babies can grow up with no accidents!


Donny said...

Very nice! Is this gene shrimp x gene shrimp? So is Taiwan Bee gene recessive?

yoyo said...

gene X gene can't have such positive result. This is the result of gene X black king kong

Donny said...

Ah, that makes sense now. I was wondering how gene X gene could give so many dark eggs.