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Sunday, February 27, 2011

March 2011 "New Orders"~~ Different Shrimps Is Coming!!! END

 Rili Shrimp
New Specie since 2010, from Taiwan. If you would like to own it, DON"T MISS THE CHANCE.

 Crystal Red Shrimp
You can expect grade A~S crs, but just paying price for Grade B!!

 Red Ruby

Black King Kong Shrimp/Panda
A great chance for you to own it at a great deal!! DON"T MISS if you dream about it for long ~~

Super Fire Shrimp
A better improvement from Fire Shrimp. Whole Fire Red Body, even the legs.

A new order is coming from taiwan,,includes all shrimps listed above.
Anyone who is interested, email me at or leave common. The price would be definately much lower than the market price. Don't Miss the chance~~ They Will Be Gone Soon!!

The import should be done around Mid-March to Late-March.
• Two days before orders arrive, buyers will receive call or message;
• Buyers confirm the order, and start making payment;
• Orders are packed early in the morning in Taiwan. (not shipping through delivery company)
• Packages is send directly to the airport, taking the most early freight to United State, after Customs. is About 18 hours freight to JFK airport in New York City.  
• I go to the airport in person, pay the tax, and get orders directly.
• Double check the order lists, make sure shrimps are in healthy condition, do some water change, like one ten.  
• Repackage before shipping out the buyers.
Price will be giving upon inquiry.


Pacifista - X said...


can u post to malaysia?
hope u can give me the price for red ruby :)


yoyo said...

I think there should be people in malasyia have red ruby,, if not,, singapore,, indonisia,,taiwan,, hong kong,, they are much more closer to you, thus less risky.

mohd fazuli Ismail said...

i also want some type of shrimp, can u tell us how to order shrimp at shop that u order (taiwan)