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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I am expanding my No1 Pure Red Line Tank

About new tank:
  • 4 feet long tankwith
  • eheim 2217 canister filter, I will add in sponge filter later
  • 2 bulb 48''  T5 HO fluorescent light
  • Fluval Stratum 

Shrimps are so happy. They can keep swimming and swimming for a long time, until they reach the other end.

New pictures taken from the new tank:
A young female

Beautiful Male :-)


NineXTail said...

Everything you breed are very nice!
You use 2 bulb 48'' T5 HO fluorescent light, why not LED light?

yoyo zl said...

Because this tank is deep. If the tank is less than 18'', I would have use LED light. But this tank is 24'' deep. My other tanks are mostly Fluorescent light. LED light is pretty new to me. I only have two planted tank using LED light, work well so far.

Kevin Hu said...

I saw you're using Fluval Stratum. What's the pH range of your shrimp tank? I know this type of substrates (e.g., ADA soil) could keep the pH low, but how low?

In addition, which brand of T5 HO light are you currently using for this shrimp tank?