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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Distilled Water --- great value only 83¢ to treat high TDS

 A good TDS could help improve the solid coloration of crystal red shrimp, but high TDS could make it difficult to molt, thus threatening their lives. There are many ways to solve the problem of high TDS. Changing water could be one of the solutions.

I have interest in Carnivorous plant before, but don't have the chance to get one. A couple weeks ago, I catched up the last minute, and won the bid on a nice cephalutos plant on eBay. To take good care of this kind of plant, you have to use rainwater, distilled, or reverse osmosis. It seldom rains here in my area. And I have tried many ways to collect distilled water, but they don't work out well. So here I am:

This is one gallon of distilled water from Walmart, and it only costs 83¢. Haha~~ my little plant won't be thirsty any more, really great value.
The distilled water has 0 TDS, could I use it to lower the TDS of the shrimp tank?
I have a 30 gallon tank that needs to be rearranged. One of the biggest problem of this tank is TDS --- about 300ppm. I did the water change, using 3 gallons of distilled water. Right after I finished water change, the TDS lower to 207ppm.

The following picture shows TDS from the other tank of good condition --- 189ppm.

In my experience, TDS should not go over 250ppm, within the range of 160 ~ 220ppm would be ideal.

Distilled water has another good way of use. During winter time, the house heat is on, and the tank heat is on, evaporation will take away more water comparing to summer time. But nutrient of the tank remains the same. Adding distilled water could help you better achieve ideal position of the tank.

P.S. using distilled water to add water to your tank. You need regular water to do the water changing.

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