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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Weight: 8g.
A vitamin concoction developed by the Japanese research team of a university, the EBI-TEN Ultra Pearl encourages rapid development in growth, breeding and coloration of the bee shrimps. Ultra Pearl is one unique and effective product which is not found in industry yet.
According to their research report, in order to increase the solidity and enhance the coloration, they suggest using 2g, for 100L water, for every 5-6 days. 

5 days after the second times using ultra pearl, they took out sample and did analysis, and found that the thickness of shell is increased slightly;
10 days after, the thickness of shell keeps increasing;
15 days after, the thickness of shell is indeed increased; and the solidity of body coloration is enhanced obviously. 

And this product is so effective and popular that, it used to sold out fast in Asian Market. 

My experience:
This is a really effective product. After I first used it in two of my tanks, a big crs tank, and red ruby tank. Both tanks have female starts molting, and male shrimps started to fly around. And found one berried red ruby shrimp the next day. 

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