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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fancy Tibee Shrimp Update

This tibee has very nice and solid white color and black color. It has no stripe, instead, a no entry sign like crystal black shrimp. The head pattern is very unique and symmetric on both side. What surprises me is that the white color of this shrimps is very solid, and on it's head, you can clearly see blue tint on white color, also on it's body. It's same blue color like blue bolt shrimp.  WOW.

And this one. Beautiful red tibee shrimps + Orange EYE 

Another nice and solid red tibee shrimps.

I can't believe they can grow in such a big and nice size. Way much better size compare to crystal red shrimp or OEBT.


NineXTail said...
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NineXTail said...

Wow Yoyo... You did it again... Love the new picture of the Red Tibee.

Are Tibees stronger or do they still have the weak gene of the CRS?

Do they still need perfect water and temperature?

Yoyo said...

In my epxerience, comparing to crystal red shrimp,tibee shrimps are easier to keep.