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Saturday, June 14, 2014

No. 1 Tank Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp Update June 14, 2014

Sponge Filter:
I added in 2 big sponge filters to my big 4 feet pure line crystal red shrimps tank. They are so happy and love the extra bubbles, and oxygen.

For plants, I added in 2 pieces of moss mat. I am still not sure what type of moss it is. Help me identify it after it grows and spreads.

Big Papa and teens sharing food. So sweet!

Teens only.
I choose to go with something simple, a spider wood. I have soak it in another matured tank for about a week, and there are white bacteria film on the wood, and shrimps enjoy the treat a lot :)

Shrimps all over drift wood.
Crystal red shrimps red and white color really make everything, every scene look beautiful.

Young Mama is playing with a "snow ball"  ^.^

A Red Sox Mama


Tri Minh said...

are you using external filter or something like that???

yoyo zl said...

This tank I use external canister filter eHeim 2217, and two sponge filters.