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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Set Up Shrimp Tank

Things I use:
  • 40 Gallon Breeder
  • Fluorescent Light
  • eHeim Canister 2217
  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia x 4
  • ADA Power Sand M 2L x 1
  • Mironekuton Stone (Old Sea Mud and Mineral) 1000g x 2
  • ADA Bacter 100
  • Seriyu Stone

First Layer:  Mironekuton Powder
Crush Miruneluton Stone into powder. (This is huge saving comparing to getting powder directly)
I used a flat screwdriver and a hammer to crack stone into smaller pieces, then use a old grinder to grind them into powder.
**** wear mask when doing this ****
Benefit of Mironekuton Powder Old Mud Sea Powder
It gradually releases rich natural mineral to the environment, water would be high in clarity. Shrimps living in the environment would show great beautiful coloration.
It keeps substrate in a neutral stage. Amazonia soil will create acidic environment. All waste will accumulated in the substrate, as time goes, bottom substrate may be over acidic, and this is not good for beneficial bacteria living there. Bottom substrate would go bad. With a layer of mironekuton powder underneath would help prevent this, and keep a more neutral environment.
It creates an environment better to have green algae growing in the tank. Shrimps would be more healthy eating natural green algae, and babies suvival rate would higher.


Second: Bacter 100, sprinkle as even as possible.
We usually have thick layer of substrate for shrimp tank or planted tank. Adding good bacteria when you first start off is going to benefit you for long term, and estabish strong good bacteria underneath substrate.

Third Layer: Power Sand
Just for added nutrients for the environment.

Finally: Aqua Soil Amazonia
Check out my old post:
It's better to have big granuel on the bottom, and fine one on top.

After you done, spray water all over the soil, and adding water no higher than soil. Soak for 24 hours.
This is a very important step. If you directly add water to the tank, because of water pressure, there may be some air remaining in the soil, and some part may stay dry. After you fully cycle the tank, and add shrimps, shrimps would start digging around, those dry soil finally get in touch with water, and may release ammonia again. This may explain why after fully cycle the aquarium, after adding shrimps, some people experience high ammonia present.
After one week or so, do a big water change. Test Ammonia, test No2. Those have to be 0 before you can add any shrimps. Cycle the tank for about a month.
I tested NO2 almost everyday. And the test kit turned into purple color in seconds every time I test for 2 weeks. I added in Pure Earth Calcium Bentonite Clay. After 24 hrs, I tested it again, No2 dropped to 0, test kit is clear blue color :)

PRL CRS moved to a new home. They look so pretty even in the bag. :) 
And here are some pictures of big view of the new tank. I modified the intake tube with a sponge filter. I don't plant a lot, so I can see shrimps better.
Plants in the tank:
Anchor moss
Flame moss
Dwarf Hair Grass




Mike More said...

Its a eheim 2215 btw

Hafiz Abdul Tahir said...

Ya, its 2215
150 - 2211
250 - 2213
350 - 2215